Pet Grooming

Our talented groomers can give your pet the new ‘do’ you have been searching for. Our professional groomers offer a wide range of services including haircuts, hair color, brushing, ear cleaning, and anal gland expression, to keep your pet clean from head to tail.

We use the safest products and accessories including jewels & glitter. Grooming is not just for looks. Being well-groomed is also good for their health and pleasure!

Why Grooming Is Important
For Your Pet

Grooming your pet must be a friendly and enjoyable adventure for both you and your fur-baby. Cooperating between you and your pet creates a close bond and establishes mutual respect.

Every pet relies on their owner to help keep them fit and healthy. It is great to provide regular grooming for your pet which will help you identify any problem areas or matting embedded within the coat.

Dog Grooming

As experts recommend, a proper grooming session of your pets can keep your pooch in great shape and keep them healthy. A good wash and some great pampering can boost their mood and make them feel extra special every day.

While grooming your dog, we will ensure that your pet has an enjoyable and safe experience. 

Cat Grooming

We groom every type of cat all shapes and sizes from long haired to short haired.

We promise to treat your cat with love and respect. A standard we hold ourselves to at Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw.

Pet Sitting

It is not easy to find the right and trusted person to take care of your pet. Let us manage this for you. Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw offers the best pet sitting services in Dallas.

In-Home Pet sitting: Our well-trained pet care specialists will give customized schedules and extended visit times available to fit your needs when you can’t be home or traveling.

Dog Walking

Every dog needs physical activity. Let us help you when you are stuck at work. Our experts provide help whenever you need it.

So, what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us!

Creative Grooming

Dying your pet’s fur is a really cool service we offer. Celebrities are coloring their dogs and cats. We use chemical free ingredients to accomplish this beautiful look.

We like to pamper ourselves so why not our beloved fur-baby?

Poop Butler

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Enjoy your yard

Our goal is to make your home and neighborhood a more clean and enjoyable environment.

"I cannot recommend Dallas Mobile Pet Spaw enough. I always worry leaving behind Skippy (miniature dachshund) he doesn't do well away from me for a long time so I love the fact they finish him within an hour tops right at my door. I truly adore their efficiency and work.”
Kameron Garcia
Dallas, TX

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